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What Clients Are Saying

The Glamarage

Part Concept. Part Concrete. All Heart.

 The Glamarage-A Tiny Photo Shop, is both brand and brain child of acclaimed portrait photographer, Lisa Presnail. Lisa recently unveiled unveiled her newest and tiniest studio in vibrant downtown St. Petersburg, Fl.  It is Part concept, Part Concrete. And It's All Heart.
Lisa has been making sexy and glamorous portraits of people for nearly 20 years, and has this to say:



"Boudoir" is a genre that I've loved since the start of my career. However I never liked the word itself. I feel it is stifling while pretending to be empowering. I'd like to just make sexy images of people, on the street, in the garden, on a bed, on a table, on the moon.  And lingerie, well, it is certainly beautiful, but can also limit ones imagination and expression. Sexy, powerful and intriguing portraits are made through an interpretation of your internal flame, the setting and wardrobe merely bait to call it out, and perhaps frame it.  It is my goal to lay out before you a beautifully crafted representation of your own energy.  This process takes time, and it is collaborative."  Lisa Presnail, Photographer


The Glamarage is located a few minutes drive from vibrant & swanky downtown St. Petersburg Fl; a few blocks stroll to S. Pete’s thriving urban Grand Central District; and a short (20 minutes) drive to a handful of world class white sandy beaches, including Ft. Desoto. Studio Sessions are often combined with location settings and a multitude of colorful and spectacular backdrops surround The Glamarage-A Tiny Photo Shop, resulting in endless opportunities for unique portrait experiences. 

The Glamarage-a tiny photo shop

Lisa was so down to earth and easy to be with but truly an artist, with a real vision.